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40 Simple Ways to Find Happiness

According to Fulfillment Daily, here are 40 simple ways to find...
by Sophia Parker on February 06, 2015
Are You a Baby Boomer?

Are You a Baby Boomer?

Retirement now spells a totally new experience for baby boomers....
by Sophia Parker on January 28, 2015

Beat Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and Bladder Pain

According to professional Urologist Dr. David W. Hall, “Interstitial cystitis...
by Sophia Parker on January 16, 2015

Have Incontinence? Don't Be Embarrassed!

Are you embarrassed due to incontinence? If so, it may...
by Sophia Parker on December 14, 2014

Fab Over Fifty: "Fancy These FANNYPANTS"

by Geri, Founder & Editor of Fab Over Fifty Years...
by Sophia Parker on June 09, 2014

FANNYPANTS® Pads & Other Things You Didn't Know Could Go In The Washing Machine

Making your life more convenient is part of FANNYPANTS® mission.
by Sophia Parker on June 03, 2014



FANNYPANTS® is more than a garment company, we’re a lifestyle brand. Founder and CEO, Sophia Parker, tackled the challenges of light to medium incontinence and developed a sought after solution that matches fashion with functionality. We create apparel that allows women and men to fully express their personality and style, and keeps them looking great and feeling confident in every situation.


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