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Smartware Care


1. Detach the SMARTPAD® from the underwear. Please wash pad before using. There are lubricating oils in the yarns to enable it to be processed during manufacture and these have to be removed before use, otherwise its absorbency will be reduced. 

2. Wash in warm water by machine or hand. Never use bleach in washing your SMARTPAD®. (Hand washing it will allow for the pad properties to last longer.) Liquid detergent is preferred over powder because there is a chance that the powder will not dissolve completely and in that case the powder will be stored inside the microfiber. This risk is compounded if cold water is used. Remember, microfibers tend to hold everything, so use half the quantity of detergent you would normally use. 

3. Always wash the microfiber on gentle cycle; never wash the microfiber with other terry or other fabric which lint. The microfiber will treat lint or any other fibers and dirt particles and store the particles inside the microfiber reducing its efficiency. Same with fabric softeners. The microfiber will accumulate the softeners and over a period of time will be saturated with it. Never dry the microfiber in a dryer on high heat. It could actually melt the fibers with excessive heat and lock the traps. Dry on low heat and permanent press is the best setting.

SMARTWEAR® Underwear: 

1. Wash in cold water and apply detergent using gentle cycle. Never use any bleaching products!
2. Remove moisture by tumble drying using low to medium settings. 


1. Wash in cold water with like colors.
2. Remove moisture by tumble drying medium heat. 

Travel Pouch 

1. Wash in washing machine. Never use any bleaching products.

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