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Q: What is the difference between FANNYPANTS® SMARTWEAR® underwear and other underwear?

A: FANNYPANTS® SMARTWEAR® underwear provides full protection with its patented leak-proof gusset system. SMARTWEAR® underwear is specially designed to accommodate the reusable SMARTPAD®. The combination of the innovative underwear and the removable pad makes FANNYPANTS® one of the best brands when it comes to protection.

Q: What is SMARTWEAR® underwear?

A: SMARTWEAR® underwear is specially designed intimate wear which offers protection for women and men. It is not your average underwear since it provides multiple layers of protection to ensure dryness. The SMARTWEAR® briefs and panties can be worn with or without our unique removable pad, called the SMARTPAD®.

Q: What is a SMARTPAD®?

A: A SMARTPAD® is a must-have item for every woman and men experiencing incontinence. This product is the answer to all your leakage concerns. This washable pad is designed to give full protection with its triple layer feature. The removable pad is made of high-quality microfiber material. The inner core ensures moisture retention and odor neutralization. The SMARTPAD® is Eco-friendly and chemical free.

Q: Can you describe how the SMARTPAD® works?

A: The SMARTPAD® is a removable pad which can be snapped to the gusset of our SMARTWEAR® briefs and panties. This pad is easy to use, simply snap the SMARTPAD® snap buttons to the underwear gusset and you are ready for whatever the day will bring (Jumping, stretching, sneezing, running, coughing and laughing) . The SMARTPAD® is an all-in-one solution for women and men who are always on the go. You can easily replace the pad when necessary.

Q: Can you explain the SMARTWEAR® 4-Layer Protection Feature?

A: The 4-layer protection is a revolutionary feature that we are very proud of. The SMARTWEAR® technology combined with the SMARTPAD® offers four layers of protection. The SMARTPAD® offers three layers of protection. Two layers are made of microfiber materials and an inner layer. The fourth layer of protection is the waterproof gusset system used in the design of the SMARTWEAR® Panty.

Q: Are the SMARTWEAR® briefs and panties waterproof?

A: SMARTWEAR® underwear is water resistant. It provides full protection with its waterproof liner located in the gusset. SMARTWEAR® underwear ensures dryness thus keeping your outer garments protected.

Q: Where do I keep my SMARTPADS® during the day?

A: Aside from our SMARTWEAR® briefs and panties and SMARTPAD®, we have a fashionable waterproof accessory bag which can store your essentials. The travel pouch is a portable storage for your SMARTPADS® and SMARTWEAR® underwear. It has two compartments so you can conveniently carry your wet and dry pads and/or underwear everywhere you go.

Q: How do I take care of my SMARTWEAR® underwear and SMARTPAD®?

A: Make sure you don’t use any bleaching product when washing your SMARTPAD® and SMARTWEAR® underwear. Don’t use hot water nor apply heat directly on the products. Use the light wash setting and cold rinse cycle in your washing machine. Line dry or set your dryer to low. 


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