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Exposing The Myths About Incontinence (I)

by Sophia Parker on September 11, 2015

Clothing, Exposing The Myths About Incontinence (I)
There are many common misconceptions when it comes to incontinence. Education is important in order to debunk these myths and empower over 25 million Americans who suffer, not only from the symptoms of incontinence, but from unnecessary embarrassment (much of which stems from general misunderstanding about the condition).

Myth #1-“All Incontinence is the same.”

This is simply not true; there are several different types of incontinence as follows:

Urge Incontinence-A strong need to urinate, with the inability to get to the bathroom on time. This can happen to anyone at any age.

Stress Incontinence-These symptoms result from a bladder that leaks when sneezing, laughing or coughing, and occurs more commonly in younger women and those who are pregnant.

Mixed Incontinence-A combination of urge and stress incontinence symptoms.

Myth #2-“Incontinence is a disease.”

Incontinence is NOT a disease or disorder in and of itself. It may be a symptom of a disease or disorder- such as: Alzheimer’s disease, pregnancy, hysterectomy, enlarged prostate, prostate cancer and more. When the underlying disease is treated, the symptoms of incontinence usually end as well.

Myth #3-“Only elderly people suffer from incontinence.”

Another false statement, incontinence can happen to anyone at any age including: pregnancy, menopause, the result of an underlying disease (at any age) and more.

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