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Are You a Baby Boomer?

by Sophia Parker on January 28, 2015

Are You a Baby Boomer?

Retirement now spells a totally new experience for baby boomers. Their retirement packages speak volumes because of having more discretionary income to spend. Can you identify yourself as a baby boomer if you are one of the two categories below?


Travel is increasingly popular both domestically and internationally. As an example, some friends recently spent their dollars on an Airstream and plan to drive all over the U.S.A. while keeping their unique style. Another friend, aged 70, spent his 2014 summer with a yoga group in South Africa, combining sightseeing of African national parks and honing his yoga technique. “Burning the candle at both ends” seems like the thing to do with boomers!


Oh, how things have changed! Boomers’ approach economics quite differently than their parents. They are active, independent, self-reliant and positively anticipating the experiences ahead. Boomers are very active, with buying 36% of new cars and accounting for 80% of all travel expenses. Other areas where Boomers are spending their dollars are Apple products, computers and mobile devices. 70% are connected on FACEBOOK!

Given these dramatic shifts in purchasing powers and experiences by baby boomers, we can expect more products and services to cater to their active lifestyles. When it comes to travel, Fannypants can make a difference! Throwing a pair or two of Fannypants briefs in your traveler bag can mean a major difference between a minor discomfort and a disaster.


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