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Have Incontinence? Don't Be Embarrassed!

by Sophia Parker on December 14, 2014

Sculpture, Have Incontinence? Don't Be Embarrassed!

Are you embarrassed due to incontinence? If so, it may help you to know you are NOT alone. In fact, according to a recent survey of women with stress incontinence, published in Nursing Times in the UK, many women expressed concern and embarrassment about issues including; having sex, lifestyle and more.

The women in the survey who wore absorbent pads to manage their symptoms were most likely to have experienced lifestyle changes as a direct result of incontinence. This specific group of women also reported having avoided sexual intercourse due to fear and embarrassment of urinary leakage.

One group of survey respondents who didn’t have incontinence were asked what they believed would be the result of incontinence on their lifestyle if they ever developed the condition. Many reported they believed the condition would have an adverse effect on their social lives in that they would experience worry and embarrassment due to incontinence.

Feelings of humiliation, shame, and depression regarding urinary incontinence can cause those with the condition to withdraw from social activities and to put distance between themselves and their friends and family members.

So what can you do about embarrassment due to urinary incontinence? According to Web M.D., it’s important to take charge of the situation. Calling your physician is a must, the sooner you can be open about it, the sooner you can become educated and empowered and seek treatment. On average it takes women approximately 6 years to report symptoms of incontinence to their physician. Don’t be one of the many women who wait due to fear or embarrassment.

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