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Workout Pants - What You Should Look For

by Sophia Parker on September 21, 2015

Person, Workout Pants - What You Should Look For

What features are women looking for in their workout pants? Apart from new fabrics, with varying degrees of blend for comfort and style, there are different styles of workout pants for women. They come in both fitted and relaxed styles, from capris to bootlegs in fresh colors and in your favorite black fabric (with black, moisture does not show).

Enter FANNYPANTS, women’s workout capri pants which offer a flattering, body conscious fit and will keep you cool while you work out a sweat. The fabrics are made from soft, breathable and moisture wicking fabrics outside and inside, lined with extra protection against odor, sweat, and bladder leaks. There is extra lining in case of bladder leaks.

Our workout pants are perfect for your active performance lifestyle.

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