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Women's Lifestyle Changes Over 50

by Sophia Parker on August 28, 2015

Clothing, Women's Lifestyle Changes Over 50

Do you identify with expressions such as “over the hill” and “going downhill” among others? Women I have encountered while traveling on trips both at home and abroad have a good positive attitude towards aging after fifties. This does not mean that there are no challenges confronting women as they grow old gracefully.

Top 5 Lifestyle Challenges in Women Over 50 are:
1. Health and Fitness
2. Empty Nester Homes
3. Incontinence
4. Fashion and Beauty
5. Sex
(The challenges listed above are not necessarily ranked in order of importance. )

Health and Fitness
Baby boomers in their fifties are eating better to maintain healthier bodies. They are also working out more to stay fit. They are into yoga retreats, Bikrams, and Gymns. The key is to stay active and healthy both mentally and physically. There is an enormous amount of work published about physical fitness and health. There is not as nearly as much work to address mental fitness as women grow older e.g. how do you deal with stress, depression, and loneliness to list a few here.

Empty Nester Families
What does it feel living in a big house after the kids are grown and flown the coop? Women after their fifties are moving to smaller homes, some do not even mind living in active 50 communities. They want to be unencumbered from their big empty nest homes, unmanageable lawns that need constant lawn maintenance and mowing. Women in their fifties want to be able to close their doors and go away without worrying about housekeeping and security. A whole new cadre of industries have sprung up overnight to address these changing needs for couples whose lives are in transitions.

According to National Association of Incontinence, there are 28 million men and women who suffer from different degrees of incontinence. Although it is not a disease, they do affect our lifestyle and what we need to do to address the body’s lack of bladder control. There is a solution from new incontinence underwear from FANNYPANTS® to wearables in disposables , devices, botox and surgeries.

Fashion and Beauty
Women in their fifties want to look their age, with healthy skin, project an image of good health, renewed confidence, and a sense of having it all. What do women want to do with themselves in fashion and beauty?
1. Flawless makeup where “less is more”
2. Timeless styles with simple designs and colors,
3. Youthful looks and vitality,
4. Still look attractive and seductive.

Sex and Romance
With menopause, a woman’s body is going through hormonal changes. This is uncharted territory where sex is concerned-either too much, too little, a Viagra candidate, and post effects of hysterectomy. Whatever sex life women in their fifties may feel, there is no one size fits all. Women in their fifties are secure and know what they want from their sex partners and sex. Some women in their fifties talk about sex openly, and some are still sensitive talking about it.


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