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Urge Incontinence In Teachers

by Sophia Parker on June 30, 2015

Person, Urge Incontinence In Teachers

If you are one of the thousands of teachers suffering from urinary incontinence, you may already know about the specific challenges to overcome, particularly for teachers with urge incontinence. Many teachers deal with not being able to take breaks on short term notice to use the bathroom when it’s needed-which can lead to urgency and frequency, and may eventually result in leaking episodes.

Many teachers get started with their daily classroom routine early in the morning, and are unable to take any breaks what so ever until well into the afternoon when the kids are eating lunch. Some report that it’s as late as 1:00 p.m. or even later before they can take the first bathroom break of the day.

Other professionals such as nurses, physicians, and respiratory therapists (to name a few) may also fall prey to the complications of avoiding urination for long periods of time. These professionals have jobs that require long periods of performing procedures that cannot be interrupted-such as life threatening conditions, surgery, various types of sterile procedures, wound care and other types of mandated care.

This is an occupational hazard that requires much more research and implementation of prevention education. Statistics are not very reliable partially due to the fact that many professionals keep silent because they deem incontinence a taboo subject. Teachers and other professionals need to learn about the damage that is common in the urinary tract when the urge to void is held for long periods of time.

If you are a teacher or professional with urinary incontinence, it’s vital to visit your physician to find out what type of treatment options are available. Keep in mind that incontinence is a symptom, not a disease and depending on the cause, there are several different treatment options.

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