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Traveling Alaska With Urinary Incontinence

by Sophia Parker on August 06, 2015
Nature, Traveling Alaska With Urinary Incontinence

People with urinary incontinence may be anxious about not having ready access to a toilet and may worry about the possibility of a urinary accident in public. While in Alaska, persons traveling in tour groups, may initially be subjected to some anxieties wondering where the next restroom facility will become available e.g. while in Denali National Park and Game Reserve.

Alaska is a land of pristine beauty, solitude, and prime wilderness lands. Roads are few and many places are simply not accessible by road. Anchorage is sometimes known as the seaplane capital of the world with good reason because supplies, and transportation are flown in often by air.

A visitor to Alaska has to put up with certain amount of anxieties about restrooms and toilet access. There are three categories of public restrooms available to the public,
1. Better restrooms found in hotels and restaurants,
2. Public toilets without washing facilities, using hand sanitizers instead,
3. Call of nature literally, in the bushes where restrooms do not exist.

To put up with the inconveniences and traveling with the danger of involuntary bladder leaks, FANNYPANTS® offers underwear for men and women who need help from light bladder leakages. Let FANNYPANTS® incontinence underwear save you from restroom break anxieties in your next Alaska travel!

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