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Right Clothing And Performance

by Sophia Parker on December 04, 2015

Text, Right Clothing And Performance

Believe or not, wearing the right clothing, and that includes underwear, can directly or indirectly affect your performance at work and at the gym. According to Dr. David Hall, it has been scientifically proven that when you dress in certain clothes, you are transformed unconsciously through “enclothed cognition” making the mental changes real. Wearing nice tight fitting workout clothes put you in the right frame of mind, thus, can affect your physical and mental performance. Starting out for the New Year, invest in some nice workout clothes that can make a difference for a new you in 2016, physically and mentally!

According to The Hanky Panky Times, a women’s underwear manufacturer, wearing the right underwear can make a difference with academic grades and professional achievements. This was based on a study of 1,000 women following their graduation through first 10 years on the job by Dr. Marge Simpson.

If you believe that clothing does make a difference, wearing the right underwear can make a difference when you have bladder leaks, try the new styles from FANNYPANTS. They look and feel like your regular underwear!


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