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"Lingerie for Life's Little Leaks"

by Sophia Parker on May 08, 2015

Clothing, "Lingerie for Life's Little Leaks"

by Geri’s Blog, Fab Over Fifty, May 2015

Traveling can present some pesky challenges when you’ve got “stress incontinence” (which, by the way, millions of women experience, post-menopause). You’re walking for miles in an out-of-the-way place, for example, and learn the nearest bathroom is five blocks away! Worrying about making it there on time, without leaking, is a worry you don’t want to have.

Now you can put your worrying behind you. A line of panties, called FANNYPANTS® Smartwear, not only fits beautifully, feels luxurious and washes well; they're designed with four layers of protection, using a patented technology.

First, a waterproof gusset insures that clothes stay dry, and pockets built into the gusset hold a washable and removable “SmartPad” in place. Each pad has three additional layers of protection: A biodegradable, chemical free organic Eucalyptus core surrounded by two microfiber layers that absorb “seven times more moisture than cotton,” according to the manufacturer.FANNYPANTS® also are perfect for all active women who experience “light bladder leakage” (LBL).

Apparel, "Lingerie for Life's Little Leaks"

“I just returned from a wonderful two-week trip to India, wrote K.S., another FANNYPANTS® fan. “Part of my travels included long flights, adventurous rickshaw rides and lots of walking. I wore FANNYPANTS® Smartwear each day, had no embarrassing accidents, and when I experienced some leakage, I wasn’t inconvenienced. During restroom breaks I just changed to a new protective pad and got on with my day. I felt comfortable, safe and and dry the entire trip!”

This is honest-to-goodness lingerie. Sexy lingerie. Lingerie that would never give away your condition if someone saw you dressed only in a bra and panties. The company even has introduced a thong style, appropriately called Rio, and you can’t get much more sexy than that.

“The most comfortable thong I’ve ever worn!” said Sara M. “I don’t have incontinence, but they’re still perfect for the avid runner like myself. They kept me comfortable during the most humid and sweatiest run.”

FANNYPANTS® incontinence panties are made of either nylon or cotton and Spandex, which provide nice stretch. Each pair is packaged with a removable SmartPad, and you can always keep extra SmartPads with you if you’re not going to be home and need to change! The pads and panties can be washed in the machine and tumble dried.

Apparel, "Lingerie for Life's Little Leaks"

FANNYPANTS® will cost you more than regular panties you’ll find in any mass merchant, but considering the comfort they provide (in more ways than one), and the quality construction, they are well worth it. I’ve been wearing the styles called Balance and Paris for over a year, and they look as good today as they did when I wore them the first time.

Also check out the company’s new capri-style yoga pants, which feature a protective layer of microfiber with “silvertechnology,” designed to control bacteria-causing odor. What’s more, the waist on these pants actually stays up, not matter what pose you strike.


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