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Leak Proof Underwear, Innovation, and Latest Trends

by Sophia Parker on September 30, 2015

Symbol, Leak Proof Underwear, Innovation, and Latest Trends

If you are one of 25 million Americans with incontinence, you may be interested to learn that FANNYPANTS® incontinence wear is award winning underwear and work out attire designed specifically for men and women who have mild to moderate incontinence. FANNYPANTS® offers a great lineup of stylish attire with 4-layer protection technology that provides moisture wicking and odor protection.

Many brands of incontinence wear are bulky, and can’t offer nearly the level of leak proof protection that FANNYPANTS® offers. This translates to being able to have the freedom to do what you want without the hassle of having to continuously find a restroom when in public, or worrying about leaking or embarrassing odors.

As new fabric technologies have become available, FANNYPANTS® continues to update their products and designs with biodegradable, antimicrobial material you won’t find in other brands.

If you are concerned about leaking during heavy flow menstrual periods, shop for our Spotlite leak proof Period Panties, designed with innovative technology to completely alleviate monthly worry or embarrassment. These special underwear wick moisture and odor away from the body via award winning technology designed to block leakage.

FANNYPANTS® received an Apparel Innovator’s award in 2014 for its creative design and “Moxy” incontinence apparel. In order for a brand to be selected as a “Top Innovator” it has to really stack up against its competitors when it comes to innovation and unique sustainable products. “Apparel spends months gathering and sifting data to select enterprises that exemplify the best in business from industries around the world,” says Apparel Magazine.

So whether you are shopping for incontinence wear or period panties, go to FANNYPANTS.com and see for yourself just what sets us apart from the competition. Once you try FANNYPANTS® incontinence underwear, period panties or work out apparel, you won’t ever go back to any other brand!


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