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International Men's Day

by Sophia Parker on November 18, 2015

November 19th is considered International Men’s Day (IMD), a yearly event initiated in 1992 by Professor Thomas Oaster. IMD is a world recognized event celebrated in over 70 countries across the globe.

The primary purpose of International Men’s Day (IMD) is to focus on the health of men and boys, improving and promoting gender equality and relations, while drawing attention to positive male role models. IMD was created to honor men’s achievements and contributions to their communities and families. According to Wikipedia, the overall aim of the event is to “promote basic humanitarian values.”

In honor of IMD’s efforts to improve men’s health, FANNYPANTS.com is committed to improving overall education and health promotion regarding the taboo subject of male urinary incontinence.

According to the National Library of Medicine; urinary incontinence (UI) is experienced by a pretty significant number of men in the United States. That number varies quite a bit according to age and among various ethnicities. For example, among Caucasian men, 16% are reported to suffer from UI, African American men have been found to have a 21% rate of UI and in elderly men of all ethnicities, 31% report symptoms of UI. According to one study by the NIBM, a very small percentage (only 22%) of a study group of men with weekly UI symptoms actually sought treatment for the condition.

Incontinence is defined a self-reported symptom of involuntary urine loss. Note that incontinence is a symptom of another condition and not a primary illness in and of itself. The importance of this fact is to encourage men who are experiencing incontinence to seek medical attention in order to discover the underlying cause of UI. Common causes of UI in men include; poor overall health, severe physical limitations, cognitive impairment, stroke, urinary tract infections and prostate disease as well as diabetes. Many causes of UI are simple to treat, such treatment for urinary tract infections. Other causes (such as UI resulting from prostate conditions) may require a simple surgical procedure and or medication.

The importance of maintaining urinary health is a vital aspect of men’s health which is often swept under the rug. Studies have found that as the severity of urinary incontinence in men increases, proportionally, so does the risk of men being institutionalized. When it comes to maintaining urinary health for men, seeking out early medical consultation and implementing preventative measures (such as drinking plenty of fluids daily, eating a healthy diet, managing blood sugar and maintaining a healthy overall body weight) are vital factors to keep in mind.

If you are a man who suffers from UI, visit FANNYPANTS.com to check out our stylish and effective incontinence briefs for men. Our masculine briefs were designed for mild to moderate leakage, are washable, and come with our award winning 4 layer protection technology to maximize moisture absorption and minimize odor.


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