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How To Prep For A Night Run

by Sophia Parker on July 10, 2015
Person, How To Prep For A Night Run

There are people who like to run at sunrise when the weather is nice and cool and others at midday, when traffic is low. And of course, there are people that love to run at night when is cool, the streets are uncrowded and you can get that last high before going to bed.

However, what some people don’t realize is that they are risking their lives by exposing themselves to rapid vehicles in the dark. Many marathon runners and athletes get hit by a car each year just because they didn’t take the right safety measures. So if you like to run at night, please read the following tips below:

1. Run in the right area

Try your best to find a park or a trail. If you can’t find one and have to jog on the street, make sure you use the sidewalk! If all else fails and the pavement of the street is your only option, please make sure you run on the left side of the street towards oncoming traffic and always wear a light on you!

2. Light it up

There are some great areas to run during the day however when the night comes they become dangerous due to low lighting. The advice here is to find well-lit areas that serve as trails for other joggers as well.

3. Crosswalk Check

It is easier for a driver to see you when you are running towards a car than when you are crossing and coming from the side. Make sure you keep this in mind when crossing sidewalks at night. Leave enough time for cars to go. Perhaps they stop for you to cross during the day, but at night the story changes if they don’t see you. So make sure you look out!

4. Gear-Up

Make sure vehicles can see you and make sure you can see where you’re going! Reflective clothing like shoes, vests, clip-on lights and hats with brims are some examples of how you can make sure you are noticed; if you can combine both lights and reflective fabric, the better.

5. Get a Buddy or Two

No matter the time of day, it is always better to run with a partner. Having people with you reduces many risks as to when jogging alone. So the more the merrier!


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