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High-Performance Exercise & Leaks

by Sophia Parker on February 12, 2016

Standing, High-Performance Exercise & Leaks

If you are a woman who has stress incontinence you might experience leaks during high-performance exercise. There is good news! You may be interested to learn there is a product designed specifically with you in mind.

There’s no need to adjust your active lifestyle just because of a minor to moderate problem with incontinence. FANNYPANTS® offers an award-winning line of activewear and underwear specifically designed for women who experience leaks with high performance exercise. Our special incontinence fabrics effectively absorb moisture and wick away sweat and odor, keeping the body dry and comfortable during a workout.

Here are a few strategies for women with stress incontinence during physical exercise;

  1. Avoid caffeine before your workout. Caffeinated beverages can act as a diuretic causing urinary leaking. Make sure to stay hydrated when performing physical activity-but drink water instead of coffee, tea or carbonated beverages.
  2. Avoid spicy foods which could irritate the bladder and prompt incontinence during a workout. Consider eating more high fiber fruits and vegetables.
  3. Some gynecologists suggest that women who experience stress incontinence, during exercise, consult with a physical therapist to ensure proper workout form is followed.
  4. Avoid alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine because alcoholic drinks interfere with the brain’s signal to the bladder about when it’s time to go.

Learn how FANNYPANTS® incontinence products provide protection from high performance exercise when experiencing leaks.


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