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FANNYPANTS® Award-Winning Technology

by Sophia Parker on February 14, 2013

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FANNYPANTS® patented technology helps women and men change on the go in order for them to stay dry, comfortable and free no matter where they go or what activity they perform. Now, women and men who experience light to moderate bladder leakage can have a new way of life. Life with freedom to go and do what they want while keeping dry and protected.


FANNYPANTS SMARTPAD® absorbs up to ten teaspoons (2 oz) of liquid. They are equipped with a eucalyptus core that traps odor and holds water in between two layers of microfiber. These microfiber layers absorb 7 times more than cotton, are soft to the skin and can be easily washed.

SMARTWEAR® Underwear

The SMARTWEAR® incontinence underwear is designed with a special water-proof gusset that holds the SMARTPAD® in place and prevents liquid from reaching external clothing. Not only will the wearer be purchasing SMARTWEAR® undergarments that make economic sense, they will also help the environment by decreasing the disposal of used throwaways.

Period Panties

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter launch, Spotlite and Confi period panties are now available here at FANNYPANTS®. They are made with high-tech anti-microbial fabrics ensuring complete protection from stains and odor.

Why Fannypants?

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Chosen as a “2014 Top Innovator” by Apparel Magazine, we offer women and men smart, stylish garments that safe-guard against leaks, odor and stains while wicking moisture away from the body. From undergarments to active wear, FANNYPANTS® innovation gives women and men the ability to move comfortably through the day. From the boardroom to travel, or enjoying activities like gardening and exercise, FANNYPANTS® has you covered.

Mission: FANNYPANTS® is a woman-owned company with a mission to provide stylish, high-quality lifestyle apparel for women and men who need protection against leakage.

Vision: FANNYPANTS® is more than a garment company, we’re a lifestyle brand. Founder and CEO, Sophia Parker, tackled the challenges of light stress incontinence and developed a sought after solution that matches fashion with functionality. We create apparel that allows women and men to fully express their personality and style, and keeps them looking great and feeling confident in every situation.


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