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Exposing The Myths About Incontinence (II)

by Sophia Parker on September 15, 2015

Clothing, Exposing The Myths About Incontinence (II)

Myth #4 -“Incontinence is inevitable with advancing age and/or childbirth.”

This is yet another common myth about incontinence. Most people do not automatically suffer from incontinence just because they are getting older or have experienced childbirth.

Myth #5 -“Decreasing the amount of water consumed daily is one way to improve the symptoms of urinary incontinence.”

This is a momentous misconception when it comes to urinary incontinence. In fact, drinking plenty of water in small amounts throughout the day is one strategy that may help stop leakage, improve bladder control and reduce odor.

Myth #6 -“A small amount of urine leakage is normal.”

There is absolutely NO amount of leakage that occurs on a regular basis that is “normal.” If you have urine leakage (other than an occasional incidence when the bladder is full and urination has been prolonged), you should contact your physician as soon as possible to find out the underlying cause.

If you or anyone you know suffers from incontinence, make sure to encourage a visit to the physician-soon. Find out more about incontinence and learn about our award winning brand of incontinence products by visiting our website at http://www.fannypants.com/


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