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Diet & Exercise Tips for Incontinence

by Sophia Parker on April 15, 2015

Human, Diet & Exercise Tips for Incontinence


Overweight weakens the pelvic floor muscles causing the patient to have stress incontinence. In order to take care of yourself and eliminate leaks, once must eat healthy. Diets rich in fiber will protect the patient from constipation, which is another factor of stress incontinence.

There is a myth that the less water you drink, the less accidents you are going to have. However, the real problem is limiting the intake of fluid which has the following effects:

• The outer part of the urethra and bladder gets irritated which as a consequence will produce more leakage.

• Concentrated urine has a stronger odor. Therefore, de-condensing it with water helps to alleviate its pungency.

People who suffer from incontinence must avoid drinking any kind of fluid two to four hours before going to bed in order to prevent accidents while sleeping.

Doctors recommend that patients with stress incontinence avoid drinks with caffeine and alcohol.


Do not stop your exercise routine because of incontinence! Here are some methods to prevent leakage from happening during exercise:

• Limit your fluid intake before starting an exercise routine.

• Go to the bathroom frequently, especially right before exercising.

• There are special pads and urethral inserts that women can use.

FANNYPANTS® award-winning technology protects you when you need it most: jogging, cross-fit, yoga, or any intense activity. Our easy-changeable pads keep you dry and contain a eucalyptus core that eliminates odor and absorbs leakage. 


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