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Baby Boomers Changing Tastes

by Sophia Parker on February 25, 2015

Baby Boomers Changing Tastes

According to Jackie Stone of Senior Living Marketing News, 10,000 individuals turn 65 everyday. As a result, Baby Boomers are re-defining the marketplace from the foods they eat, places they visit, houses they live in, companionship they seek, technology they use, etc. To meet their active lifestyles, men and women alike, are looking for new clothes to match their new images.
Below is a small list of what’s in and what’s out with these new late bloomers. If you have some others you like to share, please let us know so we can include them in the list.

What’s In: What’s Out:
Open floor plans Traditional floor plans
Walk in closets Small, limited closets
High 9-10 foot ceilings Regular 8 foot ceilings
Garages Carports
Yoga classes Traditional  exercise classes
Organic foods Frozen foods
Small group travels Independent travels
Companionships Unattached relationships
Wireless technology Hard-wire technology
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