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Active Moms With Post-Partum Leaks

by Sophia Parker on May 02, 2017

Human, Active Moms With Post-Partum Leaks

You are not alone if you are a new mom with post-partum (after childbirth) urinary incontinence!

Moms who  had delivered their babies through vaginal births than those who had C-sections deliveries  are much more likely to develop stress urinary incontinence.  In fact, according to Roger Goldberg, physician, director of University of Chicago research project, “Even a seemingly uneventful pregnancy and delivery can change urinary control for up to 50 percent of women.”

Stress incontinence is a common condition (most often occurring in women) resulting in involuntary urine leakage when pressure increases suddenly in the abdomen-such as during jumping, sneezing or coughing.

The condition is caused by weakened muscles around the bladder and pelvis (as a result of pressure from the baby and pushing during childbirth), causing difficulty in controlling when urination ends and begins.

The good news is that for most women, post-partum incontinence resolves on its own in around 12 months after childbirth.  Stress incontinence that does not go away on its own is treatable in many cases.  Common treatment involves various pelvic floor muscle exercises to strengthen the bladder and/or a simple surgical procedure.  Be sure to talk to your physician if you suffer from incontinence-even if it’s mild.

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