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7 Reasons To Wear FANNYPANTS® Maxi SMARTPAD®

by Sophia Parker on February 05, 2016

Person, 7 Reasons To Wear FANNYPANTS® Maxi SMARTPAD®

(Note: can be used for both incontinence and periods)

If you are searching for a great leak proof product for incontinence, or to use as a monthly period pad, here are 7 reasons to be wearing FANNYPANTS® Maxi SMARTPAD®;

1. First and foremost, FANNYPANTS® Maxi SMARTPAD® incontinence and period pads have an award-winning 4-layer technology that provides maximum leak proof protection during your monthly cycle (or any other day of the month for women with mild to moderate incontinence).

2. FANNYPANTS® not only gives you a fabulous leak proof product you can depend on, the SMARTPAD® technology provides maximum odor control via its cutting edge wicking technology and eucalyptus core.

3. The damage that most incontinence products cause to the environment is unsurmountable. FANNYPANTS® Maxi SMARTPAD® are all natural, washable and reusable (saving you money) while providing you with an all-natural eco-friendly product.

4. FANNYPANTS® are stylish undergarments designed with women in mind. Our period panties and incontinence underwear are available in a variety of pretty feminine styles and colors.

5. FANNYPANTS® Maxi SMARTPAD® technology gives you the freedom to do the things you want to do without worrying about embarrassing leaks, whether you are looking for a great product to use for protection during your monthly period, a leak proof pad to protect against stress incontinence during a vigorous workout, or any day of the month for those with mild to moderate incontinence.

6. The outer layer of the Maxi SMARTPAD® technology is made up of a soft layer that is super comfortable next to the skin than other products comprised of bleached rayon and artificial fibers.

7. FANNYPANTS® products are proudly made in the USA, so our profits support American workers! And shipping is free anywhere in the U.S.!

Fannypants was deemed Apparel’s 2014 Top Innovators. Go to http://www.FANNYPANTS.com and check out our array of award-winning products for yourself!


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